Some of The Best Travel Tips from Around the World

Best Travel Tips, The best adventure. The newest natural thrill available in South Africa is underwater shark watching. Four shark spotters at one time can spend three hours in sturdy cages, watching the great whites circling in search of prey.

Contact Exotic Drive Tours, 45 Rosmead Ave., Kenilworth, Cape Town 7700The best Java. Kenya produces the best coffee in the world and is one of the world’s leading exporters of Arabica coffee.

The Coffee Board of Kenya, Mama Ngina Street, serves the most tempting coffee in town, as well as light snacks.

A light snack consists of coffee, mandazi (fried dough) and samosa (meat pie in the Indian fashion as interpreted by Kenyan cooks).

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It was developed in the region north of Nairobi. African farmers were forbidden to grow coffee until 1954. It is now Kenya’s main export crop (which causes problems when the coffee crop fails).

The berries are handpicked twice a year. The second leading export crop is tea. Today the region around Limuru supports more than 100,000 African smallholders, who grow enough tea to make Kenya the third-largest producer in the world, after India and Sri Lanka.


The best travel tip of all for the countries ending in “stan” Don’t forget to carry a roll of toilet paper with you. It is not yet common in Central Asia.

Bathrooms may be quite a shock. Potable water is also a problem in Kazahkstan. Don’t drink the tap water. And limit your locally bottled mineral water intake, because it can be very salty.

Bottled soda and juices are your best bet; they’re plentiful. Drink boiled water when possible; carry a canteen with you and fill it with boiled water at every opportunity. Carry iodine tablets for when none of the above is available and Lomotil just in case.

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