The Best Backpacking Tips for Independent Travellers

Independent Travelers Right, let’s get straight into a summary of some of the best backpacker tips that I have learned from my travels all over the world. Of course, there are many others yet I feel these listed below cover the core concerns of the Independent Backpacker, where ever their journey takes them.

Travel as light as possible. Don’t pack stuff you won’t use or may only use once. Create a strict packing list and stick to it.

Consider not booking a return ticket for trips longer than three months. This way you can end up anywhere and fly home from there.

Take a laptop/iPad and iPhone. Great for backing up photos/video, entertainment, staying in touch with friends and navigation.

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Use Skype to stay in touch with friends. Also, buy Skype credit which gives cheap international calls via Skype.

Pack travel sickness tablets, anti-diarrhea, multivitamins, pain killers, etc

Take a multi-fit power adaptor and small multi-socket power board.

Pack hiking pants and no jeans. Jeans are heavy and bulky and slow to dry

Always carry some alcohol. A great way to relax with new friends

Keep a journal. You will want to record all your memories.

Always book one location ahead. This way you know you have a bed waiting for you. Though don’t book too far ahead as this will reduce your flexibility

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Pack a good guide book. Although you could get by with Wikitravel (online) for travel info and the internet in general.

Always try to book accommodation near your arrival train/bus station (country dependent) Easy in, easy out. Train stations are usually near town centers.

Use automated ticket machines to buy bus and train tickets whenever possible. No language barrier here

Avoid arriving after dark in your new destination. So much easier and less stressful finding your way around in daylight.

Always have some snack food with you. Some days finding cheap food can be an issue.

Carry hand sanitizer.

Be confident at all times. You will be less likely to be singled out by scammers and the like The Best Backpacking.

Politely turn down strangers who approach you. Particularly at train stations. Often these people will have some sort of scam.

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Spend no more than four weeks in any one country at a time (except perhaps the larger ones) Otherwise, you will get itchy feet. Take a couple of books to read The Best Backpacking.


Travel in the shoulder periods i.e. Spring/Autumn, even winter in some countries like Greece and Italy. Prices are lower and crowds are down. Weather is still OK Independent Travelers.

Photograph everything. I mean everything. All memories, and helps to fill in the blanks between the touristy sites.

Video as much as possible. If this is your thing. Great way to capture memories, Independent Travelers.

Take a small day pack. Used for day outings and will be your carry on luggage The Best Backpacking.

Allow your trip to evolve as you go. You don’t want to trap yourself in a fixed itinerary unless it is a short term trip.

From my traveling experience, the above-mentioned tips, without a doubt, are my top tips. I am sure when you get out there and begin to explore the world you will come up with a few yourself The Best Backpacking.

In my eBook: Work Less and Travel More – The Best Backpacker and Travel Tips Handbook, you will find the core concerns of the independent globe trekker are covered.

Also, unlike most guides, I address the primary hurdle most people face with international holidays, and that is money, their mindset about money and how you can with simple steps take control of your money, thereby allowing you to use it to journey far and wide across the globe.

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