India Travel tips and Safety Information For Tourists – A Comprehensive List

India Travel is a beautiful country and every year millions of tourists visit this country. Here are some essential travel and safety tips that should be considered by anyone traveling to India.

1. Medications: Always consult your doctor regarding immunizations that should be taken like Hepatitis A and Polio. Additional vaccinations that your doctor may recommend are Measles, mumps, rubella (MMR), Tetanus, Rabies, and Hepatitis B.

Also carry medications for malaria, diarrhea, anti-allergy, Typhoid, etc. Keep a copy of those prescriptions with you in case the local authorities like the Customs question you.

Things like keeping an extra pair of glasses can be helpful. Carrying general medications for headache, nausea, sunscreen, few band-aids, and mosquito repellent is also suggested. Although you get everything in India it’s just better to have them beforehand.

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2. Tourist Visa: Citizens of most countries including the United States require a tourist visa on their passport. You should consult an Indian Embassy close to your location. The following Indian embassy sites are helpful:,,,,

3. Make copies of all your important travel documents (like ID, passport, and visa) and leave it with a friend or family in case you lose the originals. Fill in the emergency information page of your passport. If you know the hotel phone number you will stay, leave that also with them. The country code (phone) of  India travel is “91”

4. Keep the phone number of all the four U.S. embassies in India i.e. Delhi (North India travel), Chennai (South India travel), Mumbai (West India travel), and Kolkata (East India travel), visit these websites,,,

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