Travel Guide To Knaresborough In UK

Knaresborough is a picturesque illy market town in North Yorkshire that sat on the riverside. A warren of historic buildings quaint streets and tiny doors, Knaresborough is a great choice for a day out in Yorkshire.

There’s more than enough hereto do to fill a day so in this video, we will take you through an itinerary to help you plan your trip to Knaresborough. For those of you that won’t be driving Knaresborough is well-connected by train from locations such as Harrogate Leeds and York.

Travel Guide To Knaresborough

Start the morning with a visit to the market place. If you visit on a Wednesday you can catch the popularization market, but if not you can stop by to find the statues of prophetess mother Shipton and local her blind Jack, who was a pioneering road builder of the 18th century.

As you walk around Knaresborough keeps your eyes peeled for the painted windows dotted around which illustrates characters and events from the town’s history. Walk two minutes from Market Place to Knaresborough castle which is one of the top-rated attractions in the town. once a stronghold of medieval kings the castle ruins you see today dates back to the 1300s and are sitting on top of a cliff overlooking the river.

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If you google image search Knaresborough many of the photos you will see will be from this spot and for good reason. The castle grounds offer the best vantage point over the town and you’ll have spectacular views of the iconic viaduct towering over the River Nidd.

From April to September you can pay a small fee to enter the castle and courts House Museum or you can wander the grounds for free at any time of year. While you’re exploring the grounds you’re likely to come across the Castle Ravens.

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