Total Guide To Traveling Red Fort In India

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Agra Fort was larger than I expected. It took me a good 2 hours just like in the Taj Mahal you cannot use tripods here. So have to take handheld photos only. From here I’m going to see a marble workshop. Agra is famous for its marble work. Now I’m at the marbling workshop you saw my Taj Mahal.

The article, you already have an idea of how the Taj Mahal was made The method used 400 years ago is still intact and these workshops use it to date they carve the marble with tools like this and embed the colored stones to made designs. These workers in Agra are the descendants of the workers from the Taj Mahal long ago. Red Fort In India

They glue the colored stones into the marble with a special glue and polish it with wax to finish. So my day at Agra came to an end was late when I reached Delhi. And tomorrow I have to fly to Leh.

Now I’m in Leh which is a city on North IndiaIts 1000km+ to reach Leh via road. So many choose to fly flight take about 1.5 hoursLeh is the capital of Leh district ih Ladakh region. Ladakh region is close to the Himalayan mountain range Les was the capital at the time of the Himalaya kingdom too.

Traveling Red Fort In India

Leh is a city with 30,000 population and not so bigLet’s see how my room is Not so big but cozy. The view is nice too. With distant snow peaks. This is the biggest town on the Ladakh route start my journey from here tomorrow today I’ll be spending here and planning to go out to see some sites. Should go and take my breakfast or I’m done with my breakfast and there is something special to mentioned is situated 3500 meters above sea level. Red Fort In India

Because of that Leh can give you altitude sickness. Because of the low oxygen levels than the sea level, you can get sick can be difficult to break. Right now I feel that it’s difficult to breathe. And I have a slight headache. To adjust to altitude you should take things slowly on the first day. Walk slow, climb steps slowly, and spend the day relaxing without pushing your self.

Today I will be spending at least 7 hours in the hotel without going out not the altitude can make you vomit, give bad headaches, nausea, and even numbness of limbs. Now its 9 am. I’m planning to go out a bit after 4 pm today. Just to remind you again, if you are coming to a high altitude like this take precautions. If you get sick all your plans will be wasted and your holiday will be ruined.

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