Total Guide To Traveling Red Fort In India

I’m still in Agra town in India. If you have not seen my previous episode of Agra go check it out. Now I’m heading to Agra Red Fort. This is a palace and a fort worth seeing. Agra Red Fort was constructed in 1565Since then about 5 Mogul kings have used this fort. This is a 2.5km long fort which is very big and complex you can also call it as a city within wallets spread across 92 acres and highly secured with water and forest barriers you have to pass 3 gates to enter the fort.

It’s built this way for protection from the enemies. This section is the final entryway to palaces it’s built with a slope, history says that enemies were attacked with rolling objects at this point. And also hot oil was poured using these spaces in the wall. This is the main door that leads to an echoing domeKing was welcome here with drums and music.

This section of the palace was there King Shah Jahan’s father lived when he was a king. Here you can see the bedroom and kitchen and the rooms of the servants situated on the upper floor. From here we enter the royal library.

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Books were stacked in the walls. And also history stays that there were gold paintings and designs on the walls. However, later the British destroyed them and took the gold. This is the summer place where the king used mostly in the hot summer season. The walls of this room have an internal flow system where water was circulated around the room to keep it cool.

You can see the Taj Mahal from many places from Red Fort. Shah Jahan made Taj Mahal in a place where he can see from this palace. This is the royal bedroom. See how detailed and beautiful craftsmanship isThis bedroom is a really beautiful place that shows ample hard work and detail. Red Fort In India

This section of the palace was built by King Shah Jahan. That’s why it’s built with marble instead of red stone. And it resembled Taj Mahal architecture this is a special place in this place this was where King Shah Jahan was held in house arrest by his elder son after defeating him by a conspiracy kind Shah Jahan dies here at the age of 74Out of the 2.5km of this palace, only a limited area is open for the public to see.

Still, it looks like a large area that is difficult to cover quickly. This is the place where the general public met the king and resolved various issues you can see the kings seating area on the top and places for other delegates like the queen and children. A huge crowd gathers to see the king this area was used as the waiting area. Red Fort In India

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