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Traveling To Ladakh

I just walked from a new market that was organized nicely. From here, it’s like a market that’s been around for a long time ago. It’s a little less organized, but you can see a little more cozy Ladakh store. You can see many dogs sleeping like this on the market. I think the dogs are sunbathing. It looks so comfortable. On my way up to Leh Palace, You can see sleeping dogs and cows resting. I think we’re almost at Leh Palace. If you go up from Leh Market for about 10 minutes, you can see Leh Palace. There’s no milestone on the way up to Leh Palace. There’s a place our resort owner recommended. Next to Leh Palace, there is a small temple called them. Next to Leh Palace, there is a small temple called them. I’ll go to Leh Palace first and then there. Let’s go to Leh Palace first! Leh Palace is said to be the palace of the old Ladakh kingdom. But now, only the palace site remains.

Traveling To Ladakh

We’re almost at Leh Palace. This place leads to the stairs. It’s pretty big and amazing when you come up there. It was so hot that I wore a hat. I’m going to get a little closer to Leh Palace. I wanted to shoot a video of Leh Palace. It’s forbidden to film inside the Palace. So I took a lot of pictures. There’s an admission fee when you go in. I was thinking of going in 300 RS per person (the US $4.5). If you go up, you can see downtown Le, which is much more beautiful than you can see down there. So I recommend you go up. It worth it. And we’re going to go to the demo Temple over there. It looks really high, but since it’s cool, I will go up there.

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The way up to the hair-temple was not easy. The way up to the demo Temple was not easy. If the altitude wasn’t so high, it wouldn’t be this difficult. The legs are so tired in front of an altitude of over 3,000 meters above sea level.3,600 meters above sea level but I’ve been walking hard, so I can see the end. We’re almost at the top. It was hard while coming up.  The road is steep like this. But the scenery is nice up here. Let’s go up a little higher and see what it looks like. We climbed a difficult hill and finally arrived at the entrance to the theme Temple. The close-up tsemo temple was bigger and higher than I thought. Before going to the top, I took a short break to see the wonderful scenery. Let’s go back up. We’re almost there. You have to pay the admission fee for a demo temple, which is one-tenth of the price of Leh Palace.

Traveling To Ladakh

It is for 30 RS. It’s hard to come up, but you can see a good view at a low price. The view is much better because it’s higher than Leh Palace. It’s white here. Neat. There is a fence to prevent falls. You can just walk around inside. This place is like a cave. You have to climb a wooden ladder. Be careful when you climb. We did it! You can see downtown Leh from the highest point. From the top of the memo Temple, I can see the whole city. Do you think it’s worth climbing a tsemo temple? It is worth it enough. Here you can see the view higher and wider than Leh Palace. And the admission fee is cheap. It’s hard to come up and it’s pretty hard to go down too. We decided to stop by a small hill next to the temple because we didn’t want to go down.

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