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There is a fence to prevent falls. Hello, This is Hello trekking Junghu & Hyuna! We are at Incheon Airport to go to Ladakh, India. We were supposed to fly over at 1:35 PM. The plane was five hours delayed because of Typhoon Lingling. So it is almost 6 o’clock now. I hope there are no more delays. We’ll see you in India then. We left Markha Valley trekking for a total of eight nights and 10 days. First, we moved from Incheon Airport to Delhi, the capital city of India, and had a night.”Our journey began the next morning with a domestic flight to our final destination, Leh.”Wow, that’s really cool. I know that the altitude of Leh Airport is over 3,000 meters. So I’m worried that I might get altitude sickness.

Traveling To Ladakh

I hope nothing serious happens. We’re slowly landing. We have now arrived at Leh Airport safely and will go to downtown Leh and the hotel after we pick up our luggage.(Going to the hotel)We have finally arrived at Leh Hotel. Wow ~ We’re finally here!! The altitude of Leh village itself is very high. You don’t have to look at the numbers. You can tell from this pie. These are inflated. We’re going to wash up and rest now.I need to take a break. It was so hard. See you later~(We tried to take a short break, but…)(It’s the morning of Ladakh.)Yesterday we were going to rest a little, but it’s morning when we woke up. We’ll have breakfast. It’s a beautiful restaurant with sunflowers in view.

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There are omelets, bread, and cereal. This is Indian food. It’s very crispy and good. The smell is good because there’s cheese in it. It tastes really good when you dip it in curry. This is also Indian food, whose name is Sadu. It’s moist on the outside like steamed bread. It has curry inside. It doesn’t taste strong. It’s a little spicy. Doesn’t my husband eat really deliciously? We are now going from the hotel to Leh Palace. I’m very excited that our hotel boss will give me a ride to the city. (Going to Leh Market)We arrived in Leh yesterday. Yesterday, I took a rest at the hotel to adjust to the high altitude. Today we are going to the first schedule, Leh Palace. Leh Palace is within walking distance of Leh Market. Leh Market is in the form of (giyeok : name of the first letter of the Korean alphabet)If you go to the apex of the road, there’s a way to Old Town. There’s a sign called “welcome to the old town market.”You can walk up here and get to Leh Palace. We’ll go this way.

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