A Proper Guide For Trip to Gulmarg in Kashmir

Now we have taken a taxi from ‘Tangmarg’ to ‘Gulmarg‘.Today is our 2nd day in Kashmir and now we are preparing tea in our host’s home. It’s so cold here that our hands are freezing. Last night when we were sleeping at 9 p.m around the temperature was around 2 degrees celsius. Later in the night, it fell down to -2 degrees. In the morning as soon as we came out of the room we felt so cold and chilled.so the first thing we are doing in the morning to have tea so that we can warm up our body a little. Gulmarg in Kashmir

Today our plan is we will leave for Gulmarg today and spend the entire day there itself, its fully snow-covered. It must be fun. Just now we took taxi shared taxi from ‘Batmaloo’ taxi stand to ‘Tangmarg’ only at Rs 90 per head. Next, we will take a taxi from ‘Tangmarg’ to ‘Gulmarg’.Now we have a taxi from ‘Tangmarg’ to ‘Gulmarg’ as said before only at Rs 50 per head. So if we calculate. The travel price of one person comes to Rs 140 per head& the total cost of 3 people comes down to around Rs 800. But the private car was charging somewhere between Rs 2500 ~ Rs 3000in offseason. Gulmarg in Kashmir

So the decision to come to my shared taxi turned out to be very economical and cheap. So finally, after two hours of traveling and taking two taxi’s, we have reached ‘Gulmarg’.But. Just look at the view, all worth it. It’s just snow at every corner. Everything is looking so beautiful. My First Snow Fall. YAYYYY.I had never seen so much snow, before in my life. Yeah, me too. Everybody comes to Kashmirin summer,  but in winter the views are altogether different. Snow at every corner, wherever you see. Gulmarg in Kashmir

Since childhood, I had always seen these kinds of pictures of Kashmir,  I always wanted to come here once but now when I am finally here. I am feeling so happy about it. So much snow. So much.I had never seen before in life. The Gondola ride is also an activity here, in two phases. The first phase is about 9 mins and the second phase is about 15 -20 mins. You can take either one or both. Gulmarg in Kashmir

The gondola ride starts from that side. Its too much fog here, so it can’t be seen clearly. The first phase is closed now due to snowfall I guess. The second phase is on now, the price of Phase 1 is Rs 600 per head and phase 2 is Rs 800 per head. Here the weather is very unpredictable it was so much sunny here a minute back & now suddenly so much fog here. See here, she is trying to make snow here.which is not looking like a snowman from any angle. Will you make your snowman today or? Yes. Yes, it will be complete. Waah..what a snowman in progress. Gulmarg in Kashmir

See my Snowman is about to get complete. Ya Ya.. very nice. A new artist has come up now. Mr. Amit Zadoo.Look,  my snowman is ready now from which angle, it’s looking like a snowman? It looks like a dog.No No.. its a snowman, no its a dog.I hope you are enjoying watching this video because we are really enjoying it.The views are so scenic here though because of fog, it can’t be seen clearly on the camera. If the weather was clear, the views would have been really good& it’s so difficult to shoot a video here because of the cold. Literally our hands are freezing due to the cold without the gloves to operate the camera. Snowfall is happening little here, but it may also increase& now we also need to find a shared cab to go back.so we are leaving here now.

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