11 Things You Must To Know before You Travel To San Diego

In this article, we’ll cover all you need to know before traveling to San Diego, including maps, transportation, where to stay, prices, best apps, best city views, and much more. Here are our 11 essentials tips:


San Diego sits on the coast of the Pacific Ocean right on the border with Mexico. It is located 120 miles or 190 kilometers south of Los Angeles. Let’s start with Balboa Park, a large urban cultural park in San Diego full of beautiful gardens, fascinating museums, theaters, and other attractions like the world-famous San Diego Zoo, Japanese Friendship Garden, etc.

Little Italy, a popular neighborhood in downtown San Diego offers authentic Italian restaurants, bars, retail shops, home design stores, and galleries. If you continue towards the seaside, you will find the Waterfront Park, Maritime Museum of San Diego, and the USS Midway Museum, a decommissioned aircraft carrier, which is now a museum, located at Navy Pier. Travel To San Diego

You continue south, you will get to the Seaport Village, a unique shopping area with miles of walking paths, and will finally get to Embarcadero Marina Parks. Turn east, you will get to another beautiful Diego neighborhood, The Gaslamp Quarter referred to as the historic heart of San Diego, a historic downtown district and the city’s center of entertainment and nightlife. Can’t miss Coronado with a fantastic view of the San Diego skyline, home to beautiful beaches, and the historic beachfront Hotel del Coronado established in 1888. Another beautiful spot to visit in San Diego in Point Loma with the Cabrillo monument. Right before you enter the national park, there is Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery, a federal military cemetery.

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Shelter Island and Harbor Island Park also offer some of the most beautiful views towards the San Diego skyline. Let’s continue towards the north where you’ll find Sunset Cliffs. If you are in the neighborhoods, don’t miss the Liberty Station, formerly a U.S. naval base, now the site of the well-known Liberty Public Market, home to an impressive foot market hall, restaurants, and arts and crafts area. Don’t forget to visit Old Town San Diego, a historic neighborhood, consisting of reconstructed homes and craft shops in the 1800s Mission-style, recreating the life of the Mexican and early American periods. Travel To San Diego

And don’t miss Spruce StreetSuspension Bridge, built-in 1912to provide pedestrians with a link to new trolley lines across a deep canyon.SeaWorld San Diego, an aquatic theme park, and Mission Beach, a popular place for surfing, sunbathing, and other outdoor activities are located north of San Diego. Right after Mission Beach, you will find La Jolla, a charming community with a beautiful seaside. To get a better sense of distances, a 1.4 mi. or 2.2 km walk from Little Italy to Gaslamp Quartertakes for about 30 minutes. San Diego International Airport has located only about 2 mi.or 3 km from downtown San Diego. If you’re arriving by train, you’ll most likely arrive at the Santa Fe Depot Station. Travel To San Diego



San Diego has a Mediterranean climate with consistent weather throughout the year, with little to no extreme weather or rainfall. Temperatures in winter are generally mild, ranging between 48 °F and 66 °F or 9 °C and 19 °C. There’s not a lot of rain except for the El Niño, which produces rainfall and storms. The coldest month is January, with an average of 42°F and 6°C. In the spring, the weather is pleasant with the warmer temperature and less rainfall. The temperatures range between42 °F and 68 °F or 6 °C and 20 °C. Summer is nice and hot with little rain. There can be a blanket of fog during May or June, often called the “May Gray” or “June Gloom.

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“Temperatures range between 65 °F and 78 °For 18 °C and 26 °C. August is the hottest month with an average temperature of 78°F or 26°C. Weather in the fall is still warm in September and part of October, but then quickly becomes colder. Temperatures range between 54 °Fand 77 °F or 12 °C and 25 °C. Of course, these are all just averages. The weather and temperatures can be different when you visit, so remember to always check the weather forecast before you travel. Travel To San Diego

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